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About Us!

Just who are those crazy people at Link Wizard Pro, and what's this all about? Link Wizard Pro software was conceived by Market-Tek Enterprises, Inc. (http://www.market-tek.com). The idea was to create software to improve upon web site promotion for the small to mid sized company, or web master.

For some time now experts have agreed that posting to FFA Link Pages is one of the fastest and highest result producing ways to promote a web site. The only problem is, all that posting can take days!

There were a few companies out there that offered subscription services to submit sites to FFA Link Pages, but most charged monthly fees or charged for credits, and these credits or fees were more than a hundred bucks a pop! What the industry needed was software that allowed anyone to submit their sites quickly, easily, and more importantly, all for one low price!

Thus was born Link Wizard Pro! Today we continue to strive to be leaders in the web promotion industry by offering the best software at an affordable price.

Link Wizard Pro is a valuable member of the Market-Tek Enterprises network of web promotion sites. This is Market-Tek Enterprises second software title, directly behind the Submission Spider (www.submissionpro.com).

Help us help the web promotion community! Email us your comments!

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